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Kenya Airways signs service agreement with Boeing

Kenya Airways and Boeing have announced an agreement to use Boeing's Consumable and Expendable Services through a global network of parts and on-demand services.

The Consumable & Expendable Services will provide parts and services to Kenya Airways' Boeing fleet of fourteen 737s and eight 787 Dreamliners, which will be serving a new non-stop route from Nairobi to New York beginning in October 2018.

Kenya Airways will be the first carrier in Africa to use Boeing's Consumable & Expendable Services offering which will help the airline improve airplane reliability and turnaround times.

Kenya Airways Chief Operating Officer of Kenya Airways, Jan de Vegt, says the program will provide support for the fleet as well as increase reliability and quicker turnaround times.

“Keeping airplanes ready for the day's flying requires a dependable flow of crucial parts, materials and knowledge. Under the deal, Boeing will deliver materials, offer innovative services and understand the needs to keep maintenance operations running at optimum efficiency,” said Vegt.

The agreement covers more than 18,700 spare parts during a five-year implementation period with additional to be added in phases.

Boeing Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales & Marketing Ihssane Mounir has said the program provides the most economical and comprehensive solution for Kenya Airways by tapping into Boeing's resources and global presence.

“With this program, Kenya Airways can rely on Boeing's resources and global presence and focus on their core business of serving their passengers,” added Mounir. 
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