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Nairobi airport timetable

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Kenya AirwaysKQ112Paris (CDG:::FR)00:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ738Lilongwe Int. Airport (LLW:::MW) 00:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ124Rome (FCO:::IT)00:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ404Addis Ababa Bole Airport (ADD:::ET) 00:05
Kenya AirwaysKQ886Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK:::TH) 00:09
Qatar AirwaysQR1342Hamad International Airport (DOH:::QA)00:35
Kenya AirwaysKQ418Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 00:55
Cargolux S.A.CV7153Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS:::NL)01:55
Turkish AirlinesTK608Istanbul Airport (ISL:::TR)04:20
EgyptairMS850Cairo International Airport (CAI:::EG) 04:25
Ethiopian AirlinesET309Addis Ababa Bole Airport (ADD:::ET) 05:00
RwandAirWB465Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 05:00
Fly5405H407Kisumu Airport (KIS:::KE)06:15
Kenya AirwaysKQ650Kisumu Airport (KIS:::KE)06:15
Fly5405H427Eldoret International (EDL:::KE)06:30
Kenya AirwaysKQ600Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)06:30
Fly5405H417Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)06:45
Kenya AirwaysKQ480Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR:::TZ) 06:45
Kenya AirwaysKQ410Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 07:00
Fly5405H421Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 07:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ210Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (BOM:::IN)07:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ400Addis Ababa Bole Airport (ADD:::ET) 07:05
Kenya AirwaysKQ442Bujumbura International Airport (BJM:::BI) 07:15
Kenya AirwaysKQ576Bangui Airport (BGF:::CF) 07:35
Kenya AirwaysKQ792Victoria Falls Airport (VFA:::ZW)07:35
Kenya AirwaysKQ264Prince Said Ibrahim Internatonal Airport (HAH:::KM)07:35
Kenya AirwaysKQ706Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (LUN:::ZM) 07:40
Kenya AirwaysKQ730Lilongwe Int. Airport (LLW:::MW) 07:40
Kenya AirwaysKQ760OR Tambo Int. Airport (JNB:::ZA)07:45
Kenya AirwaysKQ490Zanzibar Int. Airport (ZNZ:::TZ)07:50
Kenya AirwaysKQ602Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)08:00
Precision AirPW710Zanzibar Int. Airport (ZNZ:::TZ)08:00
African Express Airways (K) LimitedXU521Mogadishu International Airport (MGQ:::SO)08:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ116Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS:::NL)08:05
Kenya AirwaysKQ504Kotoka Airport (ACC:::GH) 08:10
Kenya AirwaysKQ566Nsimalen Airport (NSI:::CM)08:20
Kenya AirwaysKQ532Murtala Muhammed Airport (LOS:::NG) 08:25
Kenya AirwaysKQ520Felix H. Boigny Airport (ABJ:::CI) 08:25
Precision AirPW722Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO:::TZ)08:30
Kenya AirwaysKQ420Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 08:30
Kenya AirwaysKQ482Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR:::TZ) 08:30
Fly5405H411Malindi Airport (MYD:::KE)09:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ100London Heathrow Airport (LHR:::GB)09:20
Kenya AirwaysKQ772Maya Maya Airport (BZV:::CG) 11:25
Kenya AirwaysKQ412Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 11:30
RwandAirWB452Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 11:35
Kenya AirwaysKQ362Mogadishu International Airport (MGQ:::SO)11:45
Kenya AirwaysKQ554N'djili Airport (FIH:::CD) 12:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ256Antananarivo Airport (TNR:::MG) 12:15
Kenya AirwaysKQ586Lubumbashi International Airport (FBM:::CD)12:40
Kenya AirwaysKQ250Seychelles International Airport (SEZ:::SC)12:45
Kenya AirwaysKQ762OR Tambo Int. Airport (JNB:::ZA)13:15
Kenya AirwaysKQ352Juba International Airport (JUB:::SS) 13:25
Kenya AirwaysKQ426Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO:::TZ)13:30
Kenya AirwaysKQ606Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)13:30
Kenya AirwaysKQ414Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 13:45
Air ArabiaG9735Sharjah Int. Airport (SHJ:::AE)13:45
Kenya AirwaysKQ484Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR:::TZ) 13:50
JambojetJM674Kisumu Airport (KIS:::KE)13:50
Kenya AirwaysKQ704Harare International Airport (HRE:::ZW) 13:50
Fly5405H429Lodwar Airport (LOK:::KE)14:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ310Dubai Airport (DXB:::AE)14:10
Etihad AirwaysEY642Abu Dhabi Int. Airport (AUH:::AE)14:10
Kenya AirwaysKQ452Addis Ababa Bole Airport (ADD:::ET) 14:25
Kenya AirwaysKQ534Murtala Muhammed Airport (LOS:::NG) 14:40
Kenya AirwaysKQ784Cape Town Int. Airport (CPT:::ZA)14:45
RwandAirWB453Kigali International Airport (KGL:::RW) 15:15
Kenya AirwaysKQ608Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)15:30
Fly5405H413Lamu Airport (LAU:::KE)15:30
SAASA185OR Tambo Int. Airport (JNB:::ZA)15:55
LAMTM443Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR:::TZ) 16:15
EmiratesEK720Dubai Airport (DXB:::AE)16:35
JambojetJM464Bujumbura International Airport (BJM:::BI) 16:40
Precision AirPW726Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO:::TZ)17:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ610Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)17:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ670Kisumu Airport (KIS:::KE)17:10
Qatar AirwaysQR1336Hamad International Airport (DOH:::QA)17:20
Ethiopian AirlinesET305Addis Ababa Bole Airport (ADD:::ET) 17:40
Kenya AirwaysKQ486Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR:::TZ) 18:15
Kenya AirwaysKQ474Kigali International Airport (KGL:::RW) 18:25
Kenya AirwaysKQ416Entebbe Int. Airport (EBB:::UG) 18:35
Precision AirPW712Zanzibar Int. Airport (ZNZ:::TZ)18:40
Fly5405H409Kisumu Airport (KIS:::KE)18:48
Fly5405H1409Kisumu Airport (KIS:::KE)18:48
Kenya AirwaysKQ616Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)19:00
Fly5405H433Eldoret International (EDL:::KE)19:08
Fly5405H405Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)19:10
Ethiopian AirlinesET307Addis Ababa Bole Airport (ADD:::ET) 19:25
Saudi Arabian AirlinesSV432King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED:::SA)19:30
SWISSLX296Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR:::TZ) 19:50
Qatar AirwaysQR8772Hamad International Airport (DOH:::QA)20:30
Kenya AirwaysKQ618Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)20:40
Kenya AirwaysKQ204Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (BOM:::IN)21:00
RwandAirWB403Kigali International Airport (KGL:::RW) 21:10
Kenya AirwaysKQ708Harare International Airport (HRE:::ZW) 21:25
Kenya AirwaysKQ274Sir Ramgoolam Int. Airport (MRU:::MU)22:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ764OR Tambo Int. Airport (JNB:::ZA)22:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ258Seychelles International Airport (SEZ:::SC)22:10
Saudi Arabian AirlinesSV948King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED:::SA)22:10
Kenya AirwaysKQ304Dubai Airport (DXB:::AE)22:30
Lufthansa CargoLH591Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA:::DE)22:35
JambojetJM646Malindi Airport (MYD:::KE)22:35
Kenya AirwaysKQ262Antananarivo Airport (TNR:::MG) 22:40
EmiratesEK9755Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST:::NL)22:50
EmiratesEK722Dubai Airport (DXB:::AE)22:55
Precision AirPW728Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO:::TZ)23:00
Kenya AirwaysKQ2John F. Kennedy Int. Airport (JFK:::US)23:05
Kenya AirwaysKQ348Khartoum International Airport (KRT:::SD) 23:30
KLMKL566Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS:::NL)23:35
Kenya AirwaysKQ726Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (LUN:::ZM) 23:40
British AirwaysBA64London Heathrow Airport (LHR:::GB)23:45
Kenya AirwaysKQ624Moi International Airport (MBA:::KE)23:55
Kenya AirwaysKQ488Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR:::TZ) 23:55
Disclaimer : the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.
Temperature : 16░C
Partly cloudy
Humidity : 82%
Wind : NE at 9km/h
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