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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
Country: KE
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayJM8711Moi International Airport (KE)07:58
MondayJM8651Kisumu Airport (KE)08:40
MondayJM8661Eldoret International (KE)08:49
MondayJM8601Moi International Airport (KE)09:30
MondayJM8641Malindi Airport (KE)10:19
MondayJM8691Ukunda Airport (KE)13:11
MondayJM8605Moi International Airport (KE)13:57
MondayJM8663Eldoret International (KE)14:50
MondayJM8693Ukunda Airport (KE)16:26
MondayJM8643Malindi Airport (KE)16:55
MondayJM8655Kisumu Airport (KE)17:05
MondayJM8715Moi International Airport (KE)17:34
MondayJM8607Moi International Airport (KE)18:30
MondayJM8645Malindi Airport (KE)20:15
MondayJM8665Eldoret International (KE)20:39
MondayJM8657Kisumu Airport (KE)20:40
TuesdayJM8711Moi International Airport (KE)07:53
TuesdayJM8661Eldoret International (KE)08:30
TuesdayJM8651Kisumu Airport (KE)08:40
TuesdayJM8601Moi International Airport (KE)09:37
TuesdayJM8641Malindi Airport (KE)10:19
TuesdayJM8691Ukunda Airport (KE)13:30
TuesdayJM8605Moi International Airport (KE)14:02
TuesdayJM8663Eldoret International (KE)14:30
TuesdayJM8715Moi International Airport (KE)16:50
TuesdayJM8643Malindi Airport (KE)16:55
TuesdayJM8693Ukunda Airport (KE)16:59
TuesdayJM8617Moi International Airport (KE)17:10
TuesdayJM8655Kisumu Airport (KE)17:05
TuesdayJM8607Moi International Airport (KE)18:05
TuesdayJM8645Malindi Airport (KE)20:11
TuesdayJM8657Kisumu Airport (KE)20:10
TuesdayJM8665Eldoret International (KE)20:38
WednesdayJM8711Moi International Airport (KE)07:45
WednesdayJM8661Eldoret International (KE)08:30
WednesdayJM8651Kisumu Airport (KE)08:57
WednesdayJM8601Moi International Airport (KE)09:46
WednesdayJM8641Malindi Airport (KE)10:17
WednesdayJM8691Ukunda Airport (KE)13:19
WednesdayJM8605Moi International Airport (KE)13:50
WednesdayJM8663Eldoret International (KE)14:30
WednesdayJM8693Ukunda Airport (KE)16:25
WednesdayJM8715Moi International Airport (KE)16:50
WednesdayJM8655Kisumu Airport (KE)17:05
WednesdayJM8607Moi International Airport (KE)18:21
WednesdayJM8645Malindi Airport (KE)20:17
WednesdayJM8657Kisumu Airport (KE)20:15
WednesdayJM8665Eldoret International (KE)21:00
ThursdayJM8711Moi International Airport (KE)07:58
ThursdayJM8661Eldoret International (KE)08:30
ThursdayJM8651Kisumu Airport (KE)08:40
ThursdayJM8601Moi International Airport (KE)09:37
ThursdayJM8641Malindi Airport (KE)10:11
ThursdayJM8691Ukunda Airport (KE)13:13
ThursdayJM8605Moi International Airport (KE)13:43
ThursdayJM8663Eldoret International (KE)14:45
ThursdayJM8693Ukunda Airport (KE)16:29
ThursdayJM8643Malindi Airport (KE)16:51
ThursdayJM8715Moi International Airport (KE)16:52
ThursdayJM8655Kisumu Airport (KE)17:10
ThursdayJM8607Moi International Airport (KE)18:21
ThursdayJM8645Malindi Airport (KE)20:15
ThursdayJM8665Eldoret International (KE)20:25
ThursdayJM8657Kisumu Airport (KE)20:26
FridayJM8711Moi International Airport (KE)07:50
FridayJM8651Kisumu Airport (KE)08:55
FridayJM8601Moi International Airport (KE)09:41
FridayJM8641Malindi Airport (KE)10:10
FridayJM8661Eldoret International (KE)11:27
FridayJM8691Ukunda Airport (KE)13:09
FridayJM8605Moi International Airport (KE)13:45
FridayJM8663Eldoret International (KE)14:35
FridayJM8693Ukunda Airport (KE)16:27
FridayJM8715Moi International Airport (KE)16:50
FridayJM8655Kisumu Airport (KE)17:05
FridayJM8607Moi International Airport (KE)18:15
FridayJM8645Malindi Airport (KE)20:15
FridayJM8657Kisumu Airport (KE)20:10
FridayJM8665Eldoret International (KE)20:25
SaturdayJM8711Moi International Airport (KE)07:59
SaturdayJM8661Eldoret International (KE)08:38
SaturdayJM8651Kisumu Airport (KE)08:57
SaturdayJM8601Moi International Airport (KE)09:46
SaturdayJM8641Malindi Airport (KE)10:10
SaturdayJM8691Ukunda Airport (KE)13:14
SaturdayJM8605Moi International Airport (KE)13:56
SaturdayJM8663Eldoret International (KE)14:52
SaturdayJM8715Moi International Airport (KE)17:10
SaturdayJM8655Kisumu Airport (KE)17:33
SaturdayJM8607Moi International Airport (KE)18:31
SaturdayJM8645Malindi Airport (KE)20:22
SaturdayJM8657Kisumu Airport (KE)20:20
SaturdayJM8665Eldoret International (KE)20:28
SundayJM8711Moi International Airport (KE)07:45
SundayJM8653Kisumu Airport (KE)11:30
SundayJM8603Moi International Airport (KE)12:25
SundayJM8691Ukunda Airport (KE)13:10
SundayJM8605Moi International Airport (KE)13:40
SundayJM8663Eldoret International (KE)14:30
SundayJM8693Ukunda Airport (KE)16:25
SundayJM8715Moi International Airport (KE)16:50
SundayJM8643Malindi Airport (KE)16:56
SundayJM8655Kisumu Airport (KE)17:05
SundayJM8607Moi International Airport (KE)18:25
SundayJM8645Malindi Airport (KE)20:16
SundayJM8657Kisumu Airport (KE)20:10
SundayJM8665Eldoret International (KE)20:25
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
JM8693 on 06/2021
JM8645 on 06/2021
JM8665 on 06/2021
JM8657 on 06/2021
JM8691 on 05/2021
JM8643 on 05/2021
JM8663 on 05/2021
JM8655 on 05/2021
JM8663 on 05/2021
JM8655 on 05/2021
JM8645 on 05/2021
JM8605 on 05/2021
JM8611 on 03/2021
JM8665 on 03/2021
JM8665 on 03/2021
JM8693 on 03/2021
JM8611 on 03/2021
JM8661 on 03/2021
JM8665 on 02/2021
JM8607 on 02/2021
JM8655 on 02/2021
JM8663 on 02/2021
JM8605 on 02/2021
JM8655 on 02/2021
JM8663 on 02/2021
JM8653 on 02/2021
JM8651 on 02/2021
JM8661 on 02/2021
JM8663 on 02/2021
JM8605 on 02/2021
Temperature: 15°C
Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 86%
Wind: SE at 3km/h
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